Our Philosophy

Mahalaxmi Foods was initiated in the year 1984 in the form of a small 5x7 square feet area by Shri. Govind Kolte. He then, further established a small unit of sweets manufacturing in an industrial area. By 1998, this venture started introducing modern technologies like steam boilers, condensing machine and so on. In the span of 1999-2003, this responsibility was transferred to the shoulders of Shri. Kolte’s son, Shailesh and Deepak. Since then, this venture started expanding and reached unseen heights!

Shri. Govind Kolte had a different vision, regarding his venture. He wanted to see his sweets shop as an epitome of perfection and quality. Mahalaxmi Foods is staunch follower of cleanliness and hygiene and this is their topmost priority. They believe that by maintaining a clean and hygienic atmosphere; adulteration and contamination can be avoided.

Food grade paperboard used for packing, is made from virgin fiber for zero contamination. Due to this, sweets retain their taste, freshness and purity. This paperboard follows USA Food and Drug Administration specifications. Indirect heating is one such wisely planned out technique which is used to eliminate excess oil absorption and ensures high nutritional values of the products.