Our Facilities

We make every effort to provide our customers with remarkable facilities where they get sweet experience while shopping! Just take a look at some of the snapshots of our outlet in Jalgaon, visit our manufacturing facility and you would realize the difference!

One of our prominent feature is to use natural and best quality ingredients to make our products healthy and contamination-free. We are the first one to use pharma grade sugar, a type of sugar used to eliminate the intake of sulphur. This type of sugar is considered as best for health.

The raw material used to manufacture our products, is brought exclusively from their respective locations. Like Keshar from Kashmir, Kaju from Vengurla, Groundnuts from Shivpuri and Kismis from Kandhar. Silver leaves, which are used to decorate sweets, are 100% pure Veg. and produced in a dust-free environment with the help of fully automatic and computerized machines.

The boxes used to keep sweets are made from edible organic material! The containers used to store products are strictly made up of stainless steel, hence nullifying the possibility of the introduction of impurities.

We care for your health and we are very particular about the freshness of our product. This ensures that our customers are provided with freshness without any compromise.